The Franklin Parish Police Jury recorded a net position of $31,808,310 in Dec. 31, 2019, according to an audit report released by the Louisiana Legislative Auditor’s office.

The Police Jury’s total assets were $36.6 million while total liabilities were $4.9 million, according to the auditor report.

The combined governmental fund balances of $15.7 million showed an increase of $1.4 million over Dec. 31, 2018, according to the audit report which was prepared by certified public accountant firm Mary Jo Finley Inc of West Monroe. The general fund’s balance of $974,216 showed a decrease of $15,050 and from the 2018 balance of $989,266.

The differences in revenues were due to an increase in ad valorem taxes, other state funds and revenues and operating transfers, according to the audit report. Expenditures required an increase in legislative, judicial, elections, finance and administrative, public safety, health and welfare, culture and recreation and a decrease in economic development and assistance.

Majority of Police Jury’s $20.4 million in assets represented investments in capital assets net of accumulated depreciation, according to the audit. Capital assets includes land, buildings and improvements, infrastructure road and bridges and furniture and equipment.

The Police Jury’s largest single source of revenue was from ad valorem taxes totaling $4.08 million, according to the audit. Second largest revenue source was from sales taxes which totaled $4.07 million.

Additionally, the Police Jury collected $147,970 in licenses and permits, according to the audit report. The Police Jury also received $164,035 in unrestricted investment earnings.

In 2019, the Police Jury spent $5.9 million in public works and $1.7 million in capital outlay projects, according to the audit.

Another large expense for the Police Jury was in its public safety department at $370,489 and “other” at $284,075. The Police Jury spent $439,499 in the health and welfare category.

The Franklin Parish Police Jury had long-term debt at Dec. 31, 2019 relating to compensated absences totaling $94,436. At the end of the fiscal year, the Police Jury also had debt in the form of leases of $415,533.

The audit report listed several “special revenue funds” such as maintenance funds, road equipment and salary adjustment fund, section 8 housing fund, witness fee fund, tourist commission fund, unemployment escrow, Turkey Creek, Horace White / Abe Lincoln Sewer, Fire Districts Two, Three, Four, and Five and CDBG funds.

Total assets generated from the “special revenue funds” were $6.3 million with total liabilities at $135,814, according to the audit report.

Police Jury President Ricky Campbell was paid $19,200 last year. Other jurors received $16,800 each for a total of $120,000, according to the audit.

No findings were reported in the audit.


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