Franklin Parish Police Jury members will consider numerous capital outlay projects at their regular meeting Oct. 8.

Ken McManus with McManus Engineering Consultants reviewed the list at the Police Jury public works committee meeting Oct. 1.

The list included Franklin Parish Activity Center, Turkey Creek Drainage improvements, Bayou Macon Cut-Off #3,  Dummy Line, WPA, Riley and Union Church roads.

The Police Jury submitted Phase II and III of the Franklin Parish Activity Center.

Phase II calls for the construction of a perimeter fence, restrooms and parking area. Phase III calls for a business / conference center.

Dummy Line, WPA and Riley roads will undergo normal improvements if the capital outlay is approved.

With Union Church Road, state funding is $440,000 with the Police Jury contributing $148,000 in-kind work, McManus said.

“Union Church Road needs some patching and leveling,” McManus said. “Can’t move forward until we know the jury can provide enough labor and equipment and cold mix to come up with the $148,000.”

Road Superintendent Wendell Holmes said he would look into the figures and get back with the Police Jury at their regular meeting.

Additionally, the Police Jury will consider purchasing property on LD Knox Road for a boat ramp for Bayou Macon Cut-Off #3.

“We built one years ago for Turkey Creek,” McManus said. “You’re looking at about no less than $60,000 to $80,000.”

The price does not include the purchase of the property.

Meanwhile, the public works committee recommended to approve using culverts purchased for drainage projects to replace Pine Street Bridge. The box car that was going to be used at Pine Street Bridge will be used for drainage projects.

The public works committee also recommended taking a second box car to be used as a temporary bridge until culverts can be installed on Pine Street.

The public works committee also recommended placing no dumping signs at Pine and Mary streets and a children at play sign at Grady Gray Road.

In other action, the purchasing and finance committee recommended Holmes to give a cost estimate to repair damages caused by Plains Pipeline Company.

The pipeline company was doing work in the area and not repaired the roads. Juror James Harris was concerned about time to get the cost in.

The purchasing and finance committee also recommended to purchase signs advertising Turkey Creek RV park and submit the signs to Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development.

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