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Franklin Parish school system’s revenue totaled $24.4 million so far in its fiscal year, according to budget numbers.

Business manager Rebecca Boquet reviewed budget numbers with School Board members in their agenda meeting, Aug. 31.

“June went really good,” Boquet said about budget numbers reflecting the fiscal year through June. “I thought we might be in the neighborhood we ended up in. It’s hard to know because of the indirect cost.”

State revenue bolstered the school system’s earnings, making up 88 percent or approximately $20.1 million. Local revenue amounted to some $3.2 million or 13 percent of revenue while federal revenue totaled $52,223 or 0.15 percent.

Additionally, Franklin Parish school system received $914,158 in federal COVID-19 funds so far this fiscal year.

Salaries continue to be the school systems largest expense at approximately $12.3 million followed by regular program expenses at some $9.6 million, according to budget numbers.

Meanwhile, Superintendent John Gullatt asked School Board members to be thinking how the space left from old Baskin School can best be used. 

The 93-year-old two-story brick building was demolished in July with remains buried in a neighboring lot. Old Baskin School was located on the Baskin School campus and school officials along with School Board members deemed it a liability.

Efforts to save the building were made by members of Restoration of the Old Baskin High School Building to no avail. 

During the discussion, Gullatt said bricks were saved from the demolition and will be used in construction of a memorial. The memorial will be placed somewhere on Baskin’s campus but no specific place was mentioned.

As far as the empty space, School Board members did mention a new cafeteria or additional parking as viable options.

“Sometime in the not-so-distant future we need to have the discussion of what do we want to do with that spot,” Gullatt said. “We are going to have the memorial, but I’m talking about the short term and long term. Do we want to gravel it, pave it or do we want to look at a future building?”

School Board member Tim Eubanks suggested a cafeteria.

“I think we need to do a future building like a cafeteria,” Eubanks said. “Our cafeteria is old.”

The building was owned by Franklin Parish School Board which owns several dilapidated properties throughout the parish including the old Wisner Elementary and Wisner Junior High. 

Last year, the School Board demolished the majority of Ward III School building with the exception of the gymnasium and cafeteria which are still being used as a community center.

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