Franklin Parish public schools are currently down 89 students equaling approximately $356,000 in Minimum Foundation Program (MFP) funding, said Rebecca Boquet, business manager.

Boquet went over current student and budget numbers in the School Board agenda meeting Monday.

Under MFP, Louisiana Department of Education annually adopts a formula heavily based on student enrollment to allocate funding for education to school districts. Funding through this program is provided to school districts as a block grant. Last year, it was estimated each student brought in $4,000 from MFP.

MFP is the largest source of income for Franklin Parish school system.

In 2020, Franklin Parish school system budgeted $20,599,436 in MFP funds.

“I’m hoping it is going to come back in February when things start to settle down,” Boquet said. “It may or may not, but I feel like it is.”

Additionally, Franklin Parish school system has three continuous years of decline in student enrollment, according to an assessment of external factors report.

“There’s only a hand full of districts that have not declined with enrollment,” said Franklin Parish School Superintendent John Gullatt. “There are some districts down 500. Caddo is down 3,000 (students).”

In the latest general fund figures, the School Board had an excess of $571,972 of revenues over expenditures.

Total revenues were approximately $24.1 million with expenditures totaling some $23.5 million, according to budget numbers.

Biggest expenses for the School Board was its regular elementary and secondary programs where it spent $10.07 million followed by special education at $2.5 million.

School Board also spent $9.8 million in support programs such as instruction staff services, general administration, pupil support and operations and maintenance, according to the budget.

Budget numbers showed the School Board spent $107,863 in non-instruction support. Non-instruction support is food service and community service operations.

Meanwhile, School Board members will vote on an agreement with Franklin Medical Center to provide Louisiana Practical Nurses (LPNs) for health care services to students in their regular meeting, Nov. 2.

In a July 22 meeting, School Board members said a “sick room” will be assigned at each public school for students to be taken to if he or she shows signs of the novel coronavirus. LPN’s will examine the student in the sick room. If the student is exhibiting signs of COVID-19, a guardian will be called and a local clinic will be contacted.

“They are ready to help,” Gullatt said. “They have their medical cart and are ready to roll. This allows us to spread their services out to the other schools.”

School Board President Richard Kelly seconded Gullatt’s statement.

“It is my understanding that the school district is providing a space for (FMC) and the hospital is providing their services,” Kelly said. “This is a win-win for our community.”

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