Nearly $20 million will be spent on instruction next fiscal year in Franklin Parish’s school system, according to its newly passed budget.

School Board members passed the 2020-21 fiscal budget at their regular June 18 meeting.

According to the budget, school system revenues are projected at approximately $38.7 million while expenditures amount to $38.4 million. Estimated unreserved ending balance totals $8.67 million.

In other expenditures, Franklin Parish school system officials plan to spend nearly $12.4 million in elementary and secondary “regular programs” in its 2020-21 fiscal year, according to the budget.

Special education was allocated $3.2 million, and “special programs” were budgeted $2.7 million in expenses.

Budgeted expenditures total $551,692 for vocational education, and “other instructional programs” expenditures amount to $1.07 million, according to the budget.

Additionally, Franklin Parish school system officials allocated nearly $2.9 million in student transportation and $2.5 million in plant operations and maintenance expenses, according to the budget. A budgeted amount of $2.78 million will be spent on instructional staff services and $1.6 million will be spend for pupil support.

Food service expenditures were calculated at nearly $2.3 million, according to the budget.

Largest source of income for Franklin Parish school system comes from Minimum Foundation Program (MFP) money totaling $20,597,480.

Under MFP, Louisiana Department of Education annually adopts a formula heavily based on student enrollment to allocate funding for education to school districts. Funding through this program is provided to school districts as a block grant. Last year, it was estimated each student brings in $4,000 from MFP.

In 2019, Franklin Parish school system budgeted $20,063,486 in MFP funds.

Additional revenues derive from federal sources and total approximately

$9.3 million, according to the budget. Franklin Parish school system officials budgeted $7.6 million in revenue from local sources and $440,117 from state sources other than MFP funds.

Meanwhile, School Board members approved a cooperative endeavor agreement with Franklin Parish Sheriff’s Office and Wisner Police Department in connection with the Wisner High School.

The two law enforcement departments will use the building for training purposes, according to school officials.

In a related matter, School Board members also released the Wisner High School building from Faithful Followers Evangelistic Ministry. The congregation was using the building as a sanctuary but recently moved.

In other action, School Board members approved a $5,280 change order with Gentry Construction in regards to Franklin Parish High School’s new track.

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