Franklin Parish School Board had $9.2 million in revenue sources for November, according to budget numbers released earlier this month in the School Board’s regular meeting.

State revenue was the largest source of School Board income, amounting to approximately $8.6 million followed by local revenue at $435,055.

Expenses totaled $8.4 million, creating a net position of $806,480 for the School Board, according to the budget.

Forty-five percent of resources went to salaries at $3.8 million making it the School Board’s largest expense followed by employee benefits at $2.7 million.

School Board also spent $2.5 million in regular programs followed by general administration totaling $1.3 million.

Additionally, Franklin Parish School Board members will be considering various policy changes dealing with discipline, virtual learning and remote participations in February’s regular meeting.

With the policy dealing with discipline, the revision would require the School Board to “clearly define the rules of conduct and expectations of students engaged in virtual instruction.”

Virtual instruction, according to the policy, is defined as “instruction provided to a student through an electronic delivery medium, including, but not limited to, electronic learning platforms that connect to a student in a remote located to classroom instruction.”

In another related possible policy change, a parent or tutor of a student who is recommended for expulsion has the right of review by the School Board even if the recommendation for expulsion is reduced to a suspension.

Language was added to both suspension and expulsion policies to reflect the statutory change.

Another policy change deals with public entities including the School Board to conduct meetings through electronic means during a gubernatorial declared emergency.

The language, “other matters that are critical or time-sensitive and that in the determination of the presiding officers should not be delayed; however, such matters shall not be considered at the meeting unless the members of the School Board present at the meeting approve the consideration of the matters by a two-thirds vote.”

The final possible policy change deals with sick leave for school employees.

Verbiage was added giving a physician assistant or nurse practitioner permission to sign a doctor’s excuse for an employee when he or she is absent for six or more consecutive days.

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