Franklin Parish school system revenues exceeded expenditures by approximately $452,000 for the 2019-20 fiscal year, according to initial budget numbers.

Rebecca Boquet, School Board business manager, released the numbers at the School Board’s regular meeting July 22.

Boquet advised the numbers were not final due to expected allocations from insurance and various expenses not yet tabulated.

“There will be some changes and additional revenues we will recognize in the month of July like our sales tax,” Boquet said.

Franklin Parish school system’s revenue totaled approximately $23.9 million for the year, according to initial budget numbers. Of that total, $2.9 million derived from local revenue, $20.6 million came from state revenue and federal revenue amounted to $34,504.18.

Franklin Parish school system’s expenditures came to $23.4 million for the year, according to initial budget numbers. The largest expenditure for the school system, instructional expenses, totaled some $12.2 million followed by regular program expenses at $9.1 million.

For the year, Franklin Parish school system spent $6.1 million in salaries, $3.08 million in general administration, $2.4 in student transportation, $2.2 million in special education and $1.6 million in the gifted and talented program, according to initial budget numbers.

Meanwhile, School Board members unanimously adopted 2020 millage rates of 4.62, 4.54 and 15.67.

“The rates basically remain the same except in order to generate the same revenue we had in the 2018-19 year, we have to bump them up a little bit,” Boquet said.

Each rate was raised .01, according to millage numbers.

Additionally, School Board members agreed to a cooperative endeavor agreement with Workforce Development.

“In Franklin Parish, we have had a cooperative endeavor contract for the past four or five years,” said Superintendent John Gullatt. “They help with JAG. They also have programs to help with dropout rates if we are inclined to go that route.”

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