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Weather permitting, Womack and Sons Construction crews will be working at Abe Lincoln / Horace White sewer system this week, said Ken McManus with McManus Engineering Consultants.

McManus gave the update during the Franklin Parish Police Jury’s public works committee meeting, Feb. 5.

Weather has been a project deterrent with heavy rains hampering progress. The project may continue to be delayed with weather forecasts calling for continuation of rain throughout the week.

The project was also delayed recently while crews waited for sewer pumps to be delivered to the site.

The Abe Lincoln / Horace White sewer project details include improvements of four lift stations and a wastewater treatment plant. Components of the lift station will be removed and wet wells will be inspected, cleaned and repaired. New pump suction / discharging piping, floats and control panels will be installed. New lift stations will have above ground pumps and fiberglass housing to protect equipment from the elements.

The nearly $600,000 project is funded by a Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) loan.

In another project, Boggy Bayou is “wrapping up,” McManus said.

The Boggy Bayou project called for the cleaning of debris and installing culverts. When finished, the projects will improve drainage in their respective neighborhoods.

Weather is also delaying work at Bayou Macon Cut-off No. 1, and contractors are waiting for a professional services agreement approval for Bayou Macon Cut-Off No. 3, McManus said.

Bayou Macon Cut-Off No. 1 project entails the replacement of two drainage pipes under the levee as well as shoring up the levee project area afterward. The parish received capital outlay funding from the state to complete the $415,000 project.

“For Bayou Macon No. 3, it is just a matter of making sure the plans are ready to go,” McManus said. “Then we will get the surveyors out and get it knocked out pretty quick. That will take care of all those old drainages that the Corp (of Engineers) built many years ago.”

Bayou Macon Cut-Off No. 3 will cost $250,000 in capital outlay funds to repair its drainage structure.

Meanwhile, Police Jurors will vote Feb. 13 in their regular meeting to begin the process of putting several millage renewals on the ballot for November’s election.

Up for renewal will be courthouse maintenance, drainage maintenance and parish equipment. The millages are set to expire in 2022 if not renewed by parish voters.

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