The City of Winnsboro will welcome the LGCF (Louisiana Garden Club Federation) judges to town, May 4, said Naomi Cordill, Cleanest City chairman.  

Judges will arrive at the Jack Hammons Center about 1:30 p.m., and will immediately do their judging.  

“We will be ready for them,” Cordill said.  “And it takes the entire town to help with this great event  They will arrive from the north (from Rayville).”

Community “trash bash” will be held on Saturday, April 24 and we need any and all volunteers. Participants will meet at 8 a.m. at the gazebo. 

Rain schedule date for trash bash is  Saturday, May 1 (will be decided by April 29, if date will be hanged changed) Check Chamber and Winnsboro Face Book pages.

Judging Route will be from:  Jack Hammons Center to City Hall to the Park behind City Hall, Hwy 15 to “windmill” and Walking Path to Tennis Courts, back to West Street, Prairie, Adams (Farmers Market) and —Jack Hammons Center.

Trash Bash “Clean-up” locations:

       •      Adam Street, Cornell, Locust Street and Landis Street (Councilman Keith Berry and volunteers) 

       •      West Street and Prairie Street (Councilman Jerry Johnson and Volunteers)

       •      North Welcome Sign to FSB Branch (both sides of the highway) (Councilmen Coleman and McCarthy and volunteers)

       •      Parking Lot across from Loop Road, Winnsboro Elementary Campus and lot across from School  (Councilman Eddie Dunn Volunteers)

       •      Sicily Island Bank to Post Office (Rotary Club)  

       •      FSB Branch to Sicily Island Bank (Lions Club and volunteers Southern Home Garden Club)

       •      South Welcome Sign (Southern Home Garden Club)

       •      North Welcome Sign (Garden Gate Study Club)

       •      Flower Containers, Gazebo and Walking Path bed (Garden Gate Study Club)

       •      Park behind City Hall  (City Hall Staff)  (Junior Garden Club Members with leader Lea Ann Walley , joined by Heather Carroll (GGSC)

       •      Elementary School Campus (Elementary School)

       •      Patriot Park to far side of Tennis Courts   (FPHS and FA Tennis Teams)  

Participants can pick up the trash on their assigned location any time on April 24 ( May 1).  BUT please have at least one representative at the Gazebo at 8 a.m. to:

       •      Have pictures made for Franklin Sun

       •      Pick up trash bags, latex gloves, safety vests and grabbers

Vests and grabbers must be returned to the city.

       •      Bring the bags of trash that you fill to the back to the parking lot of City Hall and put in the back of pickup trucks that will be parked there.              

Also, you must leave your vests and grabbers.

       •      Please take pictures of your volunteers, volunteers works, before, during and after pictures of locations. (please label)

       •      Email pictures to:

For May 4 — All please help pick up trash and cigarette butts you see as you are out and about that day.  There is one judge assigned to ONLY look for cigarette butts.

“Thank you from the City of Winnsboro and Naomi Cordill and Heather Carroll, Garden Gate Study Club, Co-chairs of the LGCF Cleanest City Contest.”

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