Franklin Parish Police Jury members are awaiting word from Louisiana Office Facility Planning and Control members on the Union Church Road project.

Ken McManus, with McManus Engineering Consultants, updated Police Jury members on the project along with other projects at their regular meeting, Nov. 12.

The nearly $600,000 Union Church Road project calls for patching holes, relaying asphalt and shoulder work.  The Police Jury has agreed to do “in-kind” work equaling some $148,000. Union Church Road is part of numerous Capital Outlay projects.

Womack & Sons Construction Group, Inc. was low bidder on another Capital Outlay project, Bayou Macon Cut-Off Number Three.

Womack & Sons Construction Group, Inc. bid $246,665 on the project with an agreement the Police Jury would clear trees and brush and bring in some dirt at the site.

Bentz Construction Group, LLC of West Monroe, bid $327,990 on the project.

The Police Jury opened the bids Nov. 10.

Meanwhile, a public hearing to lower the speed limit on Hawsey Road from 45 to 35 miles per hour is scheduled for the Police Jury’s December meeting.

The Police Jury agreed to hold off Pine Street bridge improvements until spring due to inclement weather.

The Police Jury also will begin seeking funds from FEMA to repair Ralph Easterling Road culverts that were washed away during Hurricane Delta.

The Police Jury will get the right of way for Lincoln and Cotton streets, so they can clean ditches.

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