Winnsboro City Court assets totaled $68,701 while liabilities amounted to $105,763, according to a Louisiana Legislative Auditor’s report.

The March 10 audit report showed majority of liabilities were from net pension.

The net pension liability is the difference between the total pension liability and the assets set aside in a trust and restricted to paying benefits to current employees and retirees.

Due to the large net pension, liabilities exceeded assets for a net position of $18,423, according to the audit.

Even with current numbers, Winnsboro City Court’s net position increased by $2,922 or 14 percent during the fiscal year ending June 30 compared to an increase of $7 during the prior year.

Meanwhile, Winnsboro City Court recorded $211,695 in total revenues, according to the audit.

Numerous state and local governmental entities draw a total of $150,322 from the Court’s total revenues leaving $61,373. Some governmental entities include Winnsboro, Louisiana Misdemeanor Lab, Coroner’s office and Louisiana Supreme Court. 

There were two major funds highlighted by the report — general fund and marshal’s fund.

The general fund is the primary operating fund of the Court. Traffic fines and collections of court-imposed fines remitted to the Court are all accounted for in this fund with general operating expenditures paid from this fund.

Total revenues for the general fund totaled $196,546, and marshal fund revenues equaled $15,149.

Expenditures for the marshal fund total $12,886 while general fund expenditures amounted to $193,510, according to the audit.

Largest cost in the general fund was “on behalf salaries and benefits paid” totaling $150,322 followed by office and supplies at $24,390. The salaries include the town prosecutor, employees and marshal.

Additionally, Winnsboro City Court paid $10,565 in salaries and retirement.

Judge Scott Sartin was listed as agency head while Maxwell Certified Public Accountant, LLC of Monroe performed the audit. Winnsboro City Court serves Ward 7 which consists of Winnsboro and surrounding areas. The city judge is elected to six-year terms.

Audits listed no findings for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2020.

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