Winnsboro RV park is a step closer to becoming a reality with the Town Council voting 3-2 to submit a full grant application to Office of State Parks in their Monday meeting.

If approved, the $200,000 grant will be used for the construction of the RV park. Winnsboro will also use town employees for in kind work and money from the industrial park fund.

Town Council members voting for the grant were Rex McCarthy, Eddie Dunn and Keith Berry. Casting a nay vote were Jerry Johnson and Tyrone Coleman.

“I don’t agree with park because I don’t think it is going to be what we think it is going to be,” Johnson said.

The proposed RV park, located in the industrial park, will cost approximately $400,000 and could hold up to 20 RV’s. When filled, the park could generate $5,250 monthly.

“Of course maintenance and energy consumption will come out of that,” said Mayor Sonny Dumas in an early Sun interview. “That brings us to a net revenue of $3,570 that we will be looking at getting off the RV park.”

The RV park will be situated next to Franklin Parish Activity Center located on La. Hwy 15 in hopes of drawing crowds participating in events held at the location.

“We can be recipients of some of the individuals that are coming in and bringing their horses and livestock,” Dumas said in an earlier Sun interview. “Instead of having to stay in the motels and hotels, they can stay right there at the RV park.”

Dumas also has a longterm goal for the RV park.

“The pipeline (construction) is going to be close to us,” Dumas said. “Those individuals working on the pipeline always come in with their RVs. They will fill this thing up. It will be very good for the city.”

The RV park would be paid for in four years with return investments under Dumas’ plan.

Additionally, Town Council members approved a five year capital improvement plan for the Winnsboro Municipal Airport.

One such improvement was a $215,000 rehabilitation of the apron and taxiway. The improvement was funded in part by a Federal Aviation Administration grant.

The existing apron was torn out and received a new layer of asphalt. Another apron received overlay of asphalt, and the airport’s taxiway was overlaid with asphalt.

“They are finished with the apron,” Dumas said.

Improvements to the access road leading to the airport hangers have been completed and tree obstructions near the runway have also been removed.

Meanwhile, Fire Department Chief Jessie Morris said Winnsboro’s tornado siren had been repaired and will be tested every Saturday at 10 a.m.

“That sound needs be heard,” Dumas said. “It alerts the town in case of emergency.”

In the utility superintendent’s report, Phillip Hutto said a new pumping assembly was installed at the housing authority and a new pump was installed at the McLemore Pumping Station.

Contractors were working on installing a new pump at the Delta Queen Pumping Station and after they are complete, Steele Street will be open, Hutto said.

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Regarding the RV Park. It’s success is foundational. Will it be a place to park an RV for seasonal, long term customers or recreational RVers? Know who your customer will be. Recreational RVers will want full hookups, picnic tables, fire pits, concrete slabs, trails, bike trails, shade, nearby recreation i. e. Kayaking waters, kayak rentals, clean shower houses, space between RVs.

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