Wisner residents may soon see lower homeowner insurance rates.

Wisner’s public fire protection classification was lowered from a class seven to a class six, said Blaine Rabe, division manager of Property Insurance Association of Louisiana (PIAL).

PIAL informed Wisner Fire Chief David Wallace Aug. 5.

The new classification goes into effect Sept. 9, Rabe said.

“The improvements to Wisner’s Fire Department has come from David’s due diligence,” said Wisner Mayor Marc McCarty. “He is really on top of everything. I’m excited about the improvements, and we are trying to get some grant money for fire equipment for his department.”

The class six rating is for properties within the municipal boundaries of Wisner and within seven road miles of the fire station and within 1,000 feet of a standard fire hydrant.

“This achievement has been accomplished due to improvements completed prior to this survey,” Rabe said. “It is now important to maintain this position.”

PIAL is a private, non-profit group composed of all insurance companies licensed to write fire and other Louisiana coverages. Founded in 1888, PIAL is funded solely by assessment of its member companies.

During the inspection, PIAL officials check water supply, fire hydrants, training and comb through the fire department’s paperwork.

Insurance companies use information obtained from the rating to develop premium costs for commercial properties and residential properties in Wisner, Rabe said.

Wallace called the achievement a team effort.

“Our fire department really came together in order to get the rating lowered for the citizens of Wisner,” Wallace said. “We all worked hard and hopefully next time we will be able to lower it to a five rating.”

On another front, Wisner utility workers are repairing another leak in the main supply line.

The leak was discovered Saturday just days after workers finished repairs from a previous leak.

Wisner residents will continue to receive their water from South Bayou Macon Water District until the second leak is repaired.

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