Wisner’s sales and occupational tax collections were down for the 2019 fiscal year, said Steven Kimball in his remarks to Town Council members Jan. 9 in their regular meeting.

Kimball, a certified public accountant, and his associates from Rozier, Harrington & McKay of Alexandria, performed the town’s annual independent audit.

Shrinking tax collections were blamed on businesses closing.

“But, other amounts have remained consistent revenue wise, and that is a good thing.” Kimball said. “This is an unmodified opinion which is the best you can get.”

Utility funds showed a loss of $90,000 and had one finding, said Kimball.

The finding stated Wisner utility fund debts exceeded expenses, according to Kimball.

“Some years you have that finding and some years you don’t,” Kimball said. “Some years are better than others. I think you bought more chemicals this year and had various other expenses.”

One area that showed increase was police department fines.

“Revenues are down some, but the police department stepped up,” he said.

Even with declining collections and utility funds, Kimball called Wisner’s fiscal year good.

“I think the town had a good year, and I know things are tight,” Kimball said. “But, I can tell you Wisner is not unique. All of my small towns’ budgets are tight. Just keep going with what we got and keep doing a good job.”

Meanwhile, Mayor Marc McCarty and aldermen reiterated the fight on blighted homes, abandoned cars and junk will continue but admitted slow progress is being made.

“We see progress is being made, but we still need to keep putting pressure on them,” Council member Roger Hillard said.

In the discussion, Council members mentioned a possible special meeting where blighted property owners present their future cleanup plans but no action was taken.

Additionally, 97 citations and nearly 3,000 miles were patrolled in Wisner, said Police Chief Billy Beach in his monthly report to council members.

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