A 60-day grace period for Wisner residents to clean their property has now expired and an ordinance pertaining to excessive junk will be enforced, according to Mayor Marc McCarty.

The announcement was made at Wisner’s November meeting last week.

Within its corporate limits, Wisner is littered with what has been called “hot spots” by McCarty. These “hot spots” are properties which have excessive abandoned cars, appliances and other metal debris.

In a Sept. 26 meeting, council members gave McCarty permission to send formal letters to property owners, allocating the grace period to remove junk or debris.

“Time is up and we are going to the next step,” McCarty said. “We are enforcing the policy.”

Wisner’s ordinance defines junk as wrecked or used automobiles, abandoned major appliances or other discarded items and carries a possible $200 fine if violated.

Another ordinance states it is unlawful to store or offer for sale any iron and steel junk or wreckage of motor-driven vehicles on any open lot or parcel of ground that is “not properly enclosed on all boundary lines visible from public streets or highways with a proper, suitable and substantial fence not less than six feet nor more than 10 feet high and properly screening the enclosed area from public view.”

Town Council members Thomas Lemle and Roger Hilliard have toured Wisner multiple times to spot “troubled areas” and check on the clean-up progress.

“We know who are doing things to clean up, and we know who are not doing things to clean up,” Hilliard said.

On another front, McCarty unveiled Wisner’s new logo which features its designation as a Downtown Art & Cultural District.

Wisner was named a certified Downtown Arts & Cultural District by the Department of Culture, Recreation and Tourism in July. The designation is designed to revitalize a portion of the community by creating a “hub of cultural activity” through income and corporate franchise tax credits for the rehabilitation of historic structures.

The logo was designed by a San Francisco graphic design company, California Designs. The logo highlights Wisner’s catfish and row crop industry and will be placed on Wisner’s north and south-end entrance signs.

“I feel good about the logo,” McCarty said. “I believe it turned out good.”

Meanwhile, Chief of Police Billy Beach recommended Town Council members “revisit” Wisner’s dog ordinance to include actions pertaining to dog bites.

“Dog complains and bites are way up this month,” Beach said. “We need to do something to get the (dog) owner’s attention. We have leash laws but nothing if a dog bites someone.”

In the past, Wisner has struggled to keep a dog catcher and while improvements have been made to the town’s dog pound there are still repairs to be made in some of the kennels.

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