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MARIJUANA, PILLS, drug paraphernalia, crystal methamphetamine and cash  were confiscated from a vehicle driven by Sir Anthony King, 40 of Bastrop in Wisner. King has been charged with multiple counts and is currently being held at Franklin Parish Detention Center on a $73,500 bond.

A July 4 traffic stop led to possibly the biggest drug bust for Wisner Police Department, said Chief of Police Billy Beach.

Sir Anthony King, 40, of Bastrop, is charged with one count of possession of schedule I narcotics with intent to distribute, two counts of possession of schedule II narcotics with intent to distribute, possession of drug paraphernalia, open container, no vehicle registration, no drivers license, no tail light and switching tags.

Wisner Police Deputy Chris Rhymes stopped King on Hope Street after running the vehicle’s plate and discovering the tags had been switched. After stopping and receiving permission to search the vehicle, King was placed in the police cruiser. Rhymes along with Wisner Police Deputy Adam Temple searched the car and discovered a large quantity of narcotics in the trunk.

The officers confiscated 362 multi-colored pills, 19 grams of crystal methamphetamine, two ounces of marijuana, vape pin with marijuana oil and $105 in cash.

Upon returning to the cruiser, the two deputies discovered King had escaped. King was later apprehended July 10 on separate charges by Morehouse Sheriff’s Office near Bastrop.

King is currently being held at Franklin Detention Center on a $73,500 bond.

An investigation is ongoing with Franklin Parish Sheriff’s office assisting.

“It’s not everyday that you can make a traffic stop and take this amount of drugs off the street,” Beach said. “I think both officers did a great job, and it’s an awesome feeling knowing

these drugs are not in the community anymore. I would also like to thank the Franklin Parish Sheriff’s office for their help.”

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