Wisner’s water tank is scheduled to be cleaned along with other improvement measures leading to better water quality.

Water enhancement actions will be financed by American Recovery Plan Act (ARPA) money totaling approximately $166,300, according to Mayor Marc McCarty. Wisner is expected to receive an additional $166,300 next year in the second wave of ARPA money.

“The tank should be cleaned out next month,” McCarty said. “We’re hoping this will clear the water up.”

Water Tank Services of West Monroe is on tap to clean the water tank’s interior. While the West Monroe company cleans, both water wells will be going with a release valve installed for safety precautions.

The cleaning process should taken two to three days, McCarty said. Residents should never be without water and tap pressure should be the same.

After the water tank is cleaned, McCarty said crews will clean the water plant’s filtration systems. 

Wisner officials are also reviewing ways to finance water plant rehabilitation through grant funds.

In the past, Wisner residents have occasionally been troubled with discolored water as a result of manganese.

Manganese is a mineral naturally occurring in rocks and soil and may also be present due to underground pollution sources. It is frequently found in iron-bearing waters but is more rare than iron.  

In low concentrations it produces extremely objectionable stains on everything with which it comes in contact. Deposits collect in pipelines, and tap water may contain black sediment due to precipitated manganese. 

Meanwhile, crews are inspecting all of Wisner’s fire hydrants to see which ones work and do not work. Officials will then receive quotes for hydrant repairs. 

With fire hydrants properly working, Wisner’s public fire protection classification may be lowered by the Property Insurance Association of Louisiana (PIAL).

Wisner has a class six fire protection classification.

PIAL is a private, non-profit group composed of all insurance companies licensed to write fire and other Louisiana coverages. Founded in 1888, PIAL is funded solely by assessment of its member companies.

During the inspection, PIAL officials check water supply, fire hydrants, training and comb through the fire department’s paperwork.

Insurance companies use information obtained from the rating to develop premium costs for commercial properties and residential properties in Wisner.

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