A possible tragedy was averted after a 13-year-old with a watchful eye spotted a house fire on La. Hwy 128 Monday afternoon.

Gilbert eighth-grader Jordan Graham was traveling home with his mother, Liz, a teacher at Gilbert School, when he saw a house owned by Dan Hutto on fire.

“I first spotted smoke coming off the roof of the house,” Jordan Graham said.

Upon hearing the warning from her son, Liz Graham turned her car around.

“When we turned around, we realized the side of their house was on fire,” Graham said.

The duo rushed to the door when they arrived at the home, and after “some banging” Hutto came to the door, Liz Graham said.

“I first thought the fire was coming from the breaker box,” Jordan Graham said. “I told my mom not to touch anything metal.”

Hutto informed Jordan Graham where the water hose was and while he was attempting to put out the fire, Fire District IV was called to the scene. Fire District II also responded to the call.

While waiting on the fire departments, Hutto made sure his wife, Bonnie, was also safe.

“I thank God he saw the fire, and the first thing I thought about was getting my wife to safety,” Hutto said. “The fire department did real good and was thorough in searching my house for fire.”

Bonnie Hutto, who recently suffered a stroke, was also thankful for the good Samaritans.

“If it had not been for Liz and Jordan, it is no telling what would have happened,” Bonnie Hutto said. “I am so thankful for them.”

Mandy Parker, District IV fire chief, said the situation could have been worse.

“If it wasn’t for Jordan spotting the fire, they could have lost the home,” Parker said.

The cause of the fire was an exposed extension cord which ignited the vinyl siding, Parker said. The fire traveled up the siding and was headed to the attic.

“We stopped the fire before it hit the attic,” Parker said.

Jordan Graham, who has plans of one day becoming a game warden, said he was glad he could help.

“It felt pretty good,” Jordan Graham said. “He thanked me and gave me a hug.”

Liz Graham was proud of her son and thankful she listened to his warning.

“He was their guardian angel today,” Liz Graham said.

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