Winnsboro’s fight to removed blighted property continued at their regular meeting Nov. 18.

Councilmen unanimously agreed to move forward in the demolition process of 2000 Cypress and 1505 Morning streets. 

Property owners will now have 60 days to begin improvements or Winnsboro will begin the clean-up process.

Greg “Bubba” Brown, Winnsboro Public Works Director, has been commissioned to head the effort to clean up several properties within Winnsboro.

Brown called the two properties “an eyesore and dangerous.”

An extensive process takes place before Winnsboro can begin demolition of buildings and clean-up of properties, Brown said in a previous Sun interview.

An inspection performed by Winnsboro employees which includes Brown is the first step in the process.

“Through the inspection, we decide whether the building can be repaired or not,” Brown said. “After the inspection, we send a letter to the owner requesting them to come before the Town Council to explain their plans for the property.”

If the owner does not go before the Town Council and discuss their plans or fails to make repairs correcting the property’s unsafe condition, Winnsboro will enter an order condemning the building.

If the owner does not demolish the building, Winnsboro will serve notice on the owner and begin the clean-up process.

Winnsboro will then have privilege and lien on the property for the cost of maintenance of the property, the cost of the demolition and the attorney’s fees Winnsboro has incurred.


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