Winnsboro Mayor John “Sonny” Dumas and Winnsboro Old Post Office Museum Curator Kay LaFrance-Knight will be featured on the Small Town Podcast with host Ocilla, Georgia, Mayor Matt Seale. 

The episode will be released on Dec. 9.  

Small Town Podcast features city leaders from cities under 10,000 in population. Now in its second season, the episode with Mayor Dumas and Curator LaFrance-Knight is the fifth in a series featuring a city in Louisiana. 

Small Town Podcast will be featuring Louisiana cities in 2019 and 2020.

Small Town Podcast is an audio project designed to shine the spotlight on small towns that are often overshadowed in the media by the excitement and activity of bigger cities. 

When small towns do get attention, it is often for something less than desirable, said Seale.  Small Town Podcast tells the whole story of small town living and its joys and challenges.

In Small Town Podcast, Seale visits other small towns and talks to city and business leaders. The audience is given an opportunity to learn about the personalities of local officials in small towns and then hear about some of town’s unique qualities and what it has to offer.

Small Town Podcast is available on Apple iTunes or the Apple Podcast app, Stitcher and other podcast applications. For the full list of podcast platforms available or to listen to an episode on the web, visit www.smalltownpodcast.com and go to the “Listen” tab. Listeners can also follow Small Town Podcast on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to see photos of the towns Seale features.

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