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When I first started as the Economic Development Coordinator, I attended a 4-day Basic Economic Development Course through LIDEA (Louisiana Industrial Development Executives Association). This allowed me to see the many diverse areas involved with economic development. 

One topic we discussed thoroughly was “Sites” and “Site Development.” I am going to be honest with you, this overwhelmed me! As I really started studying sites and site development, I realized that it does not have to be overwhelming. It is simply showing people, businesses looking to locate somewhere, what we have available. In today’s spotlight, I want to talk briefly about ‘sites and their significance’ and how you may can help me with this. 

The International Economic Development Council’s (IEDC) Economic Development Reference Guide offers this information on this topic of sites: “Site selection is the process by which firms find new locations for business facilities or expansions of their operations. Each year, more than 15,000 localities seek to attract the estimated 100-200 locations that take place. New facilities often mean new jobs, new investment, and an enhanced tax base.”

It is the charge of the Winnsboro Main Street Economic Committee (WMSEC) to identify initiatives that support existing businesses and attracts new businesses and industry. It is with this cornerstone of economic growth that the community will see new jobs, higher wages, and improved quality of life. In the strategic plan, the committee made it a priority to create public awareness/marketing of our community to promote local business and attract new business to our parish. 

As a result, a goal to develop and maintain social media outlets and a website was created. FPED is now on Facebook, Instagram, and our website is created. Soon we hope to work with property owners and realtors to list properties and vacant buildings available for sale or lease (including retail, commercial, and industrial) on our website, social media outlets, and LED’s site (Louisiana Economic Development).

Certain criteria must be met to list a site on our website and the property owner will be involved in this process. 

Now, I mentioned earlier that you may can help me. Let me tell you how.  I encourage you to call me or email me if you have a property or know of a property that may have potential for retail, commercial, or industrial purposes. I can help market that property! All that I am asking is that you help me, to help you, and together let’s help Franklin Parish! 

We can market the sites we have and be competitive with other places. We must get our sites listed on the web for potential businesses looking for their next new place to see. I am ready when you are, so please contact me if you have a site with some significance that you want people to see. Let’s get this done together and keep working towards economic development success – making our community awesome!

See you next week for Sam’s Spotlight! 

Sam Sheppard

Franklin Parish Economic Development Coordinator


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