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Dear Editor:

You saw it. I saw it. Hundreds — likely thousands — saw it as they drove through Winnsboro on Memorial Day and the days that followed.

“Happy Memorial Day” the public notice sign across from City Hall read. How shockingly mindless.

One day a year is set aside for Americans to solemnly reflect on the sacrifice hundreds of thousands of men and women made in combat on some foreign soil to preserve our freedoms. Their lives cut short, they leave behind the shattered lives of those who loved them.

Despite the TV news coverage of the solemn remembrances and ceremonies held at veterans’ cemeteries and in public spaces, some unthinking person posted a huge sign with the word “happy” before “Memorial Day” right on Highway 15 in the heart of Winnsboro— the Stars and Stripes Capital of Louisiana.

I saw it just after leaving the Veteran’s Park in Winnsboro where a Memorial Day Ceremony was observed at 4 p.m. It had concluded, as it always does, with the reading of the names of every single Franklin Parish individual who was killed in action in World War I, World War II, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan.

What a stab in the heart reading “Happy Memorial Day” must be for the mothers and fathers, the wives and husbands, sons and daughters whose loved ones made the ultimate sacrifice for us all. I saw the sign was still up two days after Memorial Day.

Freedom is not free. It is paid for in the blood of those who die fighting our wars and in the tears and empty arms of all who love them.


Kay F. Scott, Adjutant

Hanna-Richardson America Legion Post 84

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