Seargent S. Prentiss

THE EARLY childhood home (above) of Seargent S. Prentiss (inset) was in Portland, Maine. Prentiss’ father was a sea captain who operated three ships before the Embargo and Nonimportation Acts during President Thomas Jefferson’s second administration decimated the shipping industry. Ruined financially, the Prentiss family moved 10 miles inland to a farm in Gorham, Maine. (Credit: William Henry Milburn, The Lance, Cross and Canoe: The Flatboat, Rifle and Plough in the Valley of the Mississippi)

"I got on the Sultana at Fort Adams when S. S. Prentiss was aboard on his bridal trip—married that morning at Natchez, and the whole bridal troupe went down to New Orleans,” recalled Dr. A.R. Kilpatrick, a Black River planter in Concordia Parish in a letter years after the event to historian and former Mississippi congressman John F.H. Claiborne. 

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