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In last week’s spotlight, I wrote about the upcoming grant workshop that Franklin Parish Economic Development would be hosting on last Friday, June 11. I think that the workshop was a huge success for many reasons, but mostly because of our supportive community and that is what I want to spotlight this week.

Growing up in Franklin Parish, I have been able to continuously see how generous and supportive this community is. Whether it was support for my endeavors in high school sports, raising money for a mission trip at my church, or gearing up for Dixie all-stars with my local summer softball team, I always knew that I could count on the community to be cheering me on and offering support. As I started preparing for this event, the same feeling was there. I knew I could count on the community!

I want to take the opportunity this week to extend my gratitude to those who attended the grant workshop last Friday. I was thrilled to see so much interest and so many people eager to learn more about grants and the process it takes to write one. It was exciting to be able to network with other people and discuss in detail the goals and ideas for projects we were interested in. This shows that the people of our community care; there are projects that people want to take on and are willing to do the work to get them done. That is encouraging to me, especially since I have so many ideas for the future with economic development. 

There are several that I would like to thank that helped contribute to the success of this event. Deanne Kiper at Louisiana Delta Community College-Winnsboro campus for allowing us to use the classroom and host the event at your facility. Thank you to the Winnsboro Main Street Economic Committee and chair, Carmen Sims, for providing the breakfast items for our attendees. We had several local businesses that contributed to helping me compile a wonderful gift basket for our three guests, Dr. Marybeth Lima and her two students. Those businesses I would like to extend my gratitude are as follows: Kinloch Pecan Oil provided Kinloch Plantation Products, including Pecan Oil and Balsamic Vinegar made locally here on Winnsboro Main Street. Company Farm Pecans, another local company from Baskin, gave three gift boxes of delicious pecans. The Coffee Shop and Kallie’s cookies donated specialty cookies for each basket. Other thanks to those who donated promotional items to place in the baskets. It was my goal to show Dr. Lima and her students a warm Franklin Parish welcome and extend true Southern hospitality, and because of you I would say that goal was accomplished! 

Thank you for your support, and please continue to follow Franklin Parish Economic Development as we plan more events like these and work together to grow and prosper our parish. It can all be done because of the people we have - because I honestly believe the people of Franklin Parish are the true spotlights of this community.

See you next week for Sam’s Spotlight!

Sam Sheppard

Franklin Parish Economic Development Coordinator


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