Pitchers. Arms. Guys on the mound.

These are precious to smaller high school baseball teams because of the the occasional lack of young men playing the position but not Family Community Christian School. Not this season anyway.

Head Coach TJ Weed said he is dressing out a group of players that will hopefully give the Warrior group plenty of innings on the mound.

“Our strength is going to be our pitching,” Weed said.

Pitching for FCCS this season will be Ethan Cottington, Raylee Thomas, Rylan Thomas, Jon T. Williams, Nate Cooper and Ryker Rodgers. Six boys will share pitching duties for a call B FCCS baseball, a huge benefit to the overall program.

“With all these arms, I believe we will make a good playoff run,” Weed said.

Cottingham, Cooper and Rylan Thomas are lefties. Cooper, an eighth grader, pitched a 11 pitch inning recently in a scrimmage, Weed said.

“It is going to help offset our youth.”

Weed has zero seniors returning this season, quite different from last season where he had several seniors that played five seasons for the Warriors.

“With this group, I’m going to have to teach everyday,” Weed said. “I’m excited. We’ll learn fundamentals and where we need to be.”

Four freshman will possibly start for the Warriors with only four starters from last season returning.

“We’re going to be whole different group,” Weed said.

Offensively, FCCS has made good contact with the ball during scrimmages, Weed said.

“We are going to be a team that puts the ball in play,” he said. “It is going to be tough getting us out.”

Ben Graham, a freshman, is a “bright spot” in the box, Weed said.

Jackson Carrol, another freshman, will be a utility player for FCCS.

In seasons past, the Warriors have played bigger schools such as  West Ouachita and Neville, but this season Weed said it was a more “competitive” schedule.

Season opener is against Delhi Charter Gators on Warrior Field starting at 5:30 p.m. followed by the Hicks High School tournament Feb. 27.

Next home game will be against Beekman Charter Tigers on March 4 starting at 6 p.m.

Largest school the Warriors play is St. Frederick at Monroe on April 1.

“We backed off the big schools this year,” Weed said. “We’ll be competitive.”

And what about a deep playoff run for the young team?

“We have the arms to make a good playoff run,” Weed said.

Pitchers are a precious thing to have.

2021 FCCS Warrior baseball:

#13 Ryker Rodgers

#11 Ethan Cottingham

#22 Jon T. Williams

#14 Hunter Kenney

#3 Cam Weems

#4 David Allen Purvis

#32 Ben Graham

#6 Jackson Carrol

#9 Raylee Thomas

#19 Nate Cooper

#40 Laythe Womack

#1 Rylan Thomas

#8 Rusty Phillips

#20 Zac Quimby

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