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The first thing that popped into my mind after spending time at the camp this weekend with three special fellows was a song by the late Don Williams. Entitled “Good Old Boys Like Me”, the song has a line that triggered my creative juices into action.

From his velvety mellow throat came the words….”And those Williams boys they still mean a lot to me….Hank and Tennessee.”

After what happened down at Two Creeks hunting club this weekend, I’m paraphrasing Don Williams words. Instead of Hank Williams and Tennessee Williams my focus is on three other Williams boys, Chester, Byron and Brandon.”

Chester is the patriarch of the group. Byron is his son and Brandon his grandson. All three downed impressive bucks this weekend on Two Creeks hunting club in Jackson Parish. Byron was the first when he downed a big 8 point weighing 200-plus pounds Thursday with his 45-70 primitive firearm.

Saturday morning, Byron took his dad to a ground blind Chester often hunts when he comes over from his home in Oak Ridge.

“When we got to the stand, dad climbed in and as I was crawling in with him, he looked at me and said ‘what are you doing?’ I told him I was going to hunt with him this morning. He wanted to know why and I said because I just want to,” Byron said.

Byron told me later that his dad is a cancer patient, will be 87 years old in a couple of weeks and sitting with him in the deer stand was something he wanted to do even if his fiercely independent and somewhat stubborn dad protested.

“Dad won’t be able to make many more hunts with his age and condition and being able to share one more hunt with him would be special to me,” Byron continued.

Soon after daylight, the father and son began seeing some activity out from the blind. Two does came in, fed on acorns awhile. I told him to shoot a doe if he wanted to but he shook his head and said he was looking for a buck.

“Twenty minutes after the does left, dad tapped me on the leg and whispered ‘there’s a good buck’. I couldn’t see the deer which was behind a tree from me but when the deer stepped out at 75 yards, dad put the crosshairs of his 30.06 on the deer and made an outstanding shot. The 8 point buck weighing around 185 pounds only ran 50 yards before dropping. I can’t put into words what being there with him when he got that big buck meant to me,” he said.

Byron got his big buck Thursday, Chester got his Saturday morning and now it’s Brandon’s turn.

“I have had this 9 point buck along with two others on game cameras since before bow season. There was a small buck, a big bodied 7 point that seemed to be the bully of the bunch but the one I was interested in was a 9 point weighing probably 180 pounds with a really nice symmetrical rack. I hunted him during bow season and actually had two chances at him but it didn’t work out. Today, I had my rifle and when the buck stepped into an opening, I dropped him,” said Brandon.

How often does a scenario like this work out? An elderly 86 year old cancer patient brings down a big 8 point buck Saturday morning, his son does the deed on a big 8 point two days before and his grandson puts the pop on a trophy 9 point Saturday afternoon.

If Don Williams was still around to grant me permission to alter the lyrics on his song, I’d make it read ”those Williams boys put on quite a show….Chester, Byron and Brandon, don’t you know.”

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