Franklin Parish first-year head coach Sonny Nason said he has been spared his worst nightmare so far.

"We're checking temperatures every day when they come in and so far we haven't had to turn anybody away," Nason said. "They remain in their same group each day."

Nason began workouts Thursday.

"That was probably good because they needed the weekend to work out the soreness," said Nason, who welcomed about 66 players Thursday and Friday.

"Today (Monday) was much better than Thursday," Nason said. "They were moving around a lot better and beginning to understand what we were asking of them. The more we can do that, the more time we can spend installing our offense and defense. I think the players are excited just like we are."

Nason said because of restrictions he is not spending a lot of time in the weight room.

"You can have a spotter, but he can't touch a kid," Nason said. "So right now we're working on their wind instead of the weights. And we'll continue doing this for three days a week. This hopefully will get us into phase 3 on June 26 when we can have 50 to a group and will be able to get into the weight room. We're keeping them apart, but the problem has been after practice is over when they all want to muddle up together. And we can't control what they do when they leave here. We're just following all guidelines here so that hopefully we can get into doing some 7-on-7."

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