Here I sit, my hands wrinkled somewhat from age but more so recently because I’ve washed them so often I’m getting dishpan hands. With the threat of a virus we still don’t have a real handle on, it just makes sense to be as cautious, or even more so, than we’ve ever been.

With dangers potentially lurking all around us, there are some things we can do that will not only keep this bad bug at bay; they can put our minds more at ease while we wait to see what the future holds.


Nothing can match the solitude of being in virus-free surroundings than to crawl in your boat and head for the lake. I no longer own a boat but I know where a few ponds are located that I have permission to fish and you can be assured, I’ll be giving them a visit while this “stay away from crowds” thing is going on.

Last week, I had the privilege of visiting one of my favorite ponds with my granddaughter, Hannah. Just the two of us, sculling quietly in a borrowed john boat around the perimeter of the pond casting for bass. We were rushing the season a bit because it has not warmed enough to trigger fish to bite and the fish weren’t really active yet. No matter; it was such a pleasant outing, just Hannah and me observing the first dogwood blossoms, flecks of pine pollen on the surface and the soft emerging shade of green coming to life on the trees around the pond.


Although Louisiana’s spring turkey season doesn’t open until April 4, now is the time to get out to the woods and locate some birds so you’ll be ready when opening day arrives.

Nothing is more solitary and keeps you away from crowds as to be standing on a hill at dawn overlooking an area where turkey sign lets you know there are birds in the area. Listening for the hooting of barred owls, or mimicking an owl yourself to trigger shock gobbles, is one of my favorite parts of turkey hunting.


If you’re housebound and staying away from crowds, there is something you can do to not only pass the time but be entertained in the process.

There are several books in my library that I have read or am reading that fill the bill nicely while we wait for this virus threat to pass. There is one I have read and re-read that I reported here a week or so ago that I can highly recommend, especially if you’re a turkey hunter. Ron Jolly’s “Memories of Spring” is a gem and you can check it out by going to Amazon and adding the book’s title. You won’t be disappointed.

Another I’m in the process of reading is “Louisiana Pastimes” written by retired ULM history professor, Dr. Terry Jones.  It was written from the historical point of view of what Louisiana’s past has been like from early hunting and fishing stories and plenty of interesting topics of our state’s past history. I’ll be reviewing the book here in the near future and it’s another you’ll thoroughly enjoy…stay tuned.

If you’re so inclined, you also might want to read Psalms 91.


Our area has an outdoor treasure that offers solitude and enjoyment as you walk the trails around Lincoln Parish Park, hear the birds and note the emerging blossoms of dogwood, azalea, wild honeysuckle and myriad others that are just coming to life.

Corona virus got you worried? Try some of these suggestions to keep the bug at bay while enjoying the down time.

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