A good time was had by all as campers from Med Camps of Louisiana attended a four-station football clinic Tuesday at ULM’s Malone Stadium.

ULM head football coach Matt Viator and athletic director Scott McDonald spoke to the group, and members of the Warhawks’ football team served as instructors.

For Mary Grace Holloway of Bastrop, the football clinic was among many highlights of the week-long camp in Choudrant.

“I had fun at football camp,” Mary Grace said. “My favorite part of the camp was scoring touchdowns.”

ULM gained a new fan Tuesday.

“The football players were really nice,” Mary Grace said. “I’m a ULM fan now.”

While the football camp was fun, it wasn’t her favorite activity of the week.

“My favorite part of the week was art class,” Mary Grace said. “I like to paint. When I’m home, I like to paint pictures of houses.”

Noah Brantley of Monroe enjoyed the camp’s plethora of activities.

“I had fun swimming because I’m a good swimmer,” Noah said. “Painting inspirational rocks was fun, too. Red is my favorite color, so I painted my rock red.”

Noah was also looking forward to sharing his singing talent.

“I’m going to sing karaoke when we have our dance tonight,” Noah said during a break in the football camp.

Campers went through several drills Tuesday afternoon including passing, receiving, running and bags.

“To me, the best part of the camp was when they let us throw the ball,” Noah said. “I like playing quarterback.”

Clearly, the camp was a success. The evidence was on the kids’ smiling faces.

“Everybody is having fun,” McDonald said as the camp was winding down. “Our ULM players are having fun, and obviously, the kids are having fun. To see the looks of excitement on their faces, especially on such a warm day, that’s what it’s all about.”

McDonald says ULM has left the door open to host more Med Camps events in the future.

“I just talked with (Med Camps director) Caleb Senney,” McDonald said. “Any time they need our facilities, we will be willing to be a part of it.”

Just who was having more fun — the ULM players or the campers — was debatable.

“Seeing these kids do what we are able to do is an inspiration to us,” said ULM quarterback Caleb Evans, who videoed several of the campers touchdown dances. “We basically fed off of each other. They were having fun. We were having fun. It was all fun.

“I’m glad I was able to be a part of this.”


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