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Ouachita Parish sheriff's deputies arrested a Calhoun man on several charges including illegal use of weapons on Saturday after authorities learned of a disturbance at a house on U.S. Hwy 80 West.

The complainant told deputies she went with her husband to the home of Jeremy Nelson Allsup, 40, of 3295 Hwy 80 W, Calhoun, to retrieve items that belonged to them.

“Victim stated (Allsup) became violent stating, 'I'm gonna kill y'all,' and went inside the residence,” stated the Jan. 2 arrest report. “Victim stated (Allsup) exited the residence with a shotgun, discharging it into the ground.”

A witness who lived nearby said they did not see Allsup fire a shotgun but confirmed they heard the shot of a gun and saw Allsup return inside while carrying the weapon.

Deputies made contact with Allsup's fiancee and retrieved the shotgun from the attic. Inside the attic, deputies found two guns and a plastic bag containing marijuana.

The shotgun's barrel was shorter than 18 inches.

During questioning, Allsup acknowledged the weapons but denied firing them. “I haven't shot that gun today,” he told deputies.

Concerning the marijuana, Allsup said, “It's not mine but I do smoke it.”

Allsup was booked at Ouachita Correctional Center on possession of marijuana (first offense), possession of a gun by a convicted felon, illegal use of weapons, illegal modification of a weapon, and aggravated assault with a firearm.

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