An employee at Fourth Judicial District Attorney Steve Tew’s office was arrested last week for transporting a known fugitive.

Monroe police detectives received a tip from a confidential informant that Taylor Holzmeier, 25, of 122 Eagle Rock Drive, West Monroe, was harboring a known fugitive, Johnny Demond Dean, 28, of 1416 South 4th St., Monroe.

Holzmeier worked in the district attorney’s child support collection civil section, according to Assistant District Attorney Jennifer Johnson. Holzmeier no longer works for the district attorney’s office, Johnson said.

The informant told Monroe police Holzmeier knew Dean was a fugitive.

Detectives set up surveillance at the district attorney’s office and observed a black male driving Holzmeier’s car.

“Detectives observed Taylor get out of the car at her office and the black male attempted to drive away,” stated the Feb. 21 arrest report. “Detectives attempted to make a traffic stop but the driver, Johnny Dean, fled from officers. Johnny Dean crashed the car and fled on foot.”

Police found about one pound of marijuana inside Holzmeier’s car.

Holzmeier declined to answer questions but asked for an attorney. Dean was later booked at Ouachita Correctional Center on felony warrants.

“Detectives have looked for Johnny Dean for many months,” stated the arrest report.

Dean told police he has known Holzmeier since November 2019 and received car rides from Holzmeier on a weekly basis.

In January, Dean was charged with one felony count of aggravated kidnapping after West Monroe police responded to a kidnapping complaint at a residence on Gulpha Drive. The victim, previously in a relationship with Dean, was stopped by Dean who used his vehicle to force the victim and her friend to stop, nearly causing a traffic accident, according to a Jan. 8 arrest warrant.

“Dean approached the victim’s vehicle armed with an unknown black pistol style firearm,” stated the Jan. 8 warrant. “Dean pressed the firearm against (the victim’s) face and told her to come with him or he would shoot her in the face.”

The warrant claimed Dean had acted violently toward the victim in the past.

“Dean has recently sent (the victim) text messages threatening to kill/hurt her, due to his jealousy, over (the victim) speaking with her child’s father/boyfriend,” stated the warrant. “(The victim) had also informed the family he will not go back to jail, and that Law Enforcement ‘better be armed and ready.’ ”

Dean was charged with one felony count of aggravated flight in August 2019 after a Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s deputy tried to stop Dean’s vehicle for a traffic violation. Dean fled in his vehicle and later fled on foot, the deputy claimed in an Aug. 15, 2019 arrest warrant. Dean was not apprehended.

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