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The Monroe man accused of shooting two people and killing one of them in a botched drug deal at a home in Monroe’s Treasure Island neighborhood in May also removed all the drugs from his home before notifying authorities, a sheriff’s investigator says.

Jonathan Michael Hogg, 17, of 310 Fortune Drive, Monroe, faces a charge of second-degree murder in the death of Jonmark Miletello and attempted second-degree murder of D’veil Freeman Jr.

Documents filed in the court record in State of Louisiana v. Jonathan Michael Hogg revealed Hogg had marijuana at the home prior to the shooting. A sheriff’s investigator also received an anonymous tip that Hogg was being supplied with LSD, or acid, the weekend of the shooting by the subject who furnished Hogg with the gun used in the deadly shooting.

Hogg lives at the Fortune Drive home with his mother, Vicki Hogg. Vicki Hogg called 911 about Miletello’s dead body, though phone records indicated she and Jonathan Hogg waited before doing so.

More than 250 pages of documents pertaining to the Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Office’s investigation were filed at Fourth Judicial District Court on Sept. 13 as part of an answer to discovery requests by Hogg’s attorneys.

Assistant Attorney General Madeleine Slaughter-Young signed the court filing providing “open file” discovery. Slaughter-Young is handling the prosecution on behalf of the state.

During an Oct. 3 court hearing before Fourth Judicial District Court Judge Larry Jefferson, Slaughter-Young indicated she was still waiting on the results from a laboratory test evaluating the gun used in the incident for traces of DNA.

The state Attorney General’s office is handling the case against Hogg because Fourth Judicial District Attorney Steve Tew recused his office from the case. He signed the recusal in June after inquiries from The Ouachita Citizen about his dismissal of charges against Hogg and his mother, Vicki. Tew did not recuse his office from an earlier domestic dispute case involving the pair. Instead of recusing, his office dismissed the charges, claiming domestic dispute cases were difficult to prove in court.

Vicki Hogg worked at the Fourth Judicial District Attorney’s office for some 25 years. She worked as a secretary for Tew as well as for former District Attorney Jerry Jones. Jones’ son, Bastrop attorney Duncan Jones, represented Hogg until earlier this month when Duncan Jones’ former law partner, Richard Fewell Jr., of West Monroe, took over for him and enrolled as one of Hogg’s attorneys.

In July, a Ouachita Parish grand jury indicted Hogg on the murder and attempted murder charges as well as for possession of marijuana with intent to distribute and possession of cocaine with intent to distribute. In addition, the grand jury indicted two other individuals who allegedly acted as accessories after the fact by concealing Hogg or trying to help him evade criminal charges. The two other suspects were Damian V. Haddox-Barragan, 18, of Monroe, and Zachary “Zack” Stuart Filhiol, 20.

Drug deal

gone bad,

witnesses say

The charges against Hogg stemmed from a fight that occurred at his home in the Treasure Island neighborhood when Miletello went with others to Hogg’s house to negotiate a resolution to money that was supposedly owed for drugs, according to investigators’ reports.

According to the May 28 warrant filed by sheriff’s investigator Jacob Greer, the Sheriff’s Office received a call on May 25 about a shooting at the Hogg home.

According to the warrant, Miletello sent a text message to Hogg about coming to his Fortune Drive home with a few friends. After they arrived, a fight began. Filhiol drew a gun, which Hogg secured and allegedly used in firing at the two victims.

“The suspect then shot numerous rounds in the direction of the two victims, striking both multiple times, resulting in the death of one victim,” stated the warrant. “The other victim needed emergency surgery and is listed in critical condition. Evidence shows both victims were shot while fleeing the residence.”

Hogg told deputies he shot Miletello because he believed Miletello might hit his friend with a fist.

Filhiol — the second suspect indicted for trying to conceal Hogg — also was charged with aggravated assault with a firearm for attempting to commit a battery with a handgun or discharging the gun at Aaron McSwain and Ashton McSwain, who were reportedly present during the fight.

A July 10 email from West Monroe attorney Ronald Cook, who represents Hogg, indicated the defendant’s trial strategy. Cook claimed Miletello and his friends formed a gang known as the “Mixed Mafia,” which supposedly included Miletello, Aaron McSwain and Ashton McSwain.

“I believe the ‘Mixed Mafia’ came to the Hogg house with the intent of robbing Jonathan, Zack and/or Damian of money and drugs,” stated Cook’s email.

A May 28 complaint from a local resident fearing harassment from the Mixed Mafia on May 28 shed further light on the circumstances surrounding the deadly shooting.

“(The complainant) told me a male named Damian, later identified as Damian Haddox, had told him details about what happened the night of the homicide,” stated a May 28 offense report. “Damian told him during the incident another male named Austin McSwain was at the residence where the incident occurred. All of the individuals were at the residence to settle a debt which was owed from a previous drug transaction and buy more marijuana. During the meeting, Austin coughed, and Damian took this as a signal the males were about to rob them.

“(The complainant) stated Damian told him he got up and began punching Austin in the face. During the fight the victim of the homicide, Jonmark Miletello, attempted to separate the two from fighting. (The complainant) said Damian told him during this Jonmark armed himself with a knife and cut the back of Damian’s arm. Damian and Jonmark then began fighting which led to Damian going into the kitchen and arming himself with a knife. He then began fighting with Jonmark again at which time he stabbed him with a ‘four inch knife.’”

The complainant reported being threatened and harassed by the Mixed Mafia because he knew this information.

Drugs present

at house,

reports say

Meanwhile, investigators obtained text messages from Hogg’s cell phone showed that Aaron McSwain, Ashton McSwain and Miletello owed Hogg money, which led to Hogg owing money to someone identified as “JD.” The individual named “JD” was not identified in court documents.

“Hogg stated in the conversation that he was ‘never fronting again,’” stated the Aug. 19 offense report. “The conversation continued mentioning needing the owed money to pay JD, and the person on the other end wanted to keep Hogg from being reckless. Hogg responded by telling them it had to be reckless at this point.”

A report provided to Hogg’s attorney by Chris Branum, a private investigator, confirmed the role of drugs in the dispute as well as the presence of drugs at the crime scene.

“Both Zack and Damian stated they felt like the (subjects) had come to rob them or steal something, just by the way they were acting,” stated Branum’s report. “Zack and Damian stated they were also smoking weed prior to the incident. They admitted there were (approximately) 4 grams in the house. Both boys also stated they knew Johnathan had sold weed in the past and felt like the others wanted to rob them of the money or dope. I later spoken with Johnathan Hogg, at OCC. Johnathan related the same story as Zack and Damian.”

According to Branum’s interview with Hogg, Hogg admitted he had marijuana in the house and had previously sold weed.

“Johnathan stated during the fight, he saw the gun and the magazine on the floor and picked them up,” stated Branum’s report. “It was then he loaded the weapon and fired it several times.”

No drugs were seized during sheriff’s detectives’ investigation of the homicide at the time.

A sheriff’s investigator’s offense report indicated a lapse in time before anyone at the Hogg residence called 911 about Miletello’s fallen body.

“The download (from Hogg’s telephone) also showed that Hogg called his mother, Vicki, at 0407 hours,” stated the offense report. “She then notified 911 at 0417 hours.”

Authorities seized Vicki Hogg’s phone but were unable to download any files from it because of an unknown pass code, the sheriff’s investigator claimed. Her cell phone was returned to her attorney.

An email from sheriff’s investigator Miranda Rogers to Slaughter-Young revealed Hogg’s drug activity involved more than a few grams of marijuana. Rogers’ email also provided a possible explanation for the time lapse before Vicki Hogg called 911.

“We are aware (there) are multiple messages and social media posts related to narcotics sales,” stated Rogers’ email. “I have spoken with agents at Metro Narcotics about assisting in the investigation of Hogg’s drug business. The residue collected at the scene will be sent to the lab for testing. On a side note related to the drug activity: We have yet to confirm, however anonymous info was relayed to us that Filhiol (who lives in New Orleans) came in town this particular weekend to supply Hogg with acid. They left the scene after the shooting to get rid of all the narcotics that were in the home.”

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