Monroe police arrested a Monroe man on several charges including criminal mischief (tampering with the property of another) last week after authorities received a home invasion complaint.

The complainant told police that her granddaughter's ex-boyfriend, Jamal Damon Turner, 18, of 300 Morton St., Monroe, entered a storage building on her property without permission.

She claimed to have seen Turner remove motor oil from the building and later saw two of her vehicles to have motor oil and white powder on them.

Later, the complainant said Turner entered her house without permission.

“While in the house, Turner's ex-girlfriend (one of the victims) hid under the bed to prevent Turner from locating her,” stated the Aug. 4 arrest report. “(The victim) stated she thought Turner would 'choke' her if he found her. (The victim) stated she heard Turner state, 'Play with me and I'll show you.'”

Turner left the scene before police arrived.

Later, police inspected the victims' vehicles and found the words “b***h” and “f*** you” carved into the automobiles' bodies.

After police left, Turner returned to the victims' house and threatened to blow up the house and everyone in it, according to the arrest report.

Turner was booked at Ouachita Correctional Center on home invasion, simple burglary, two counts of simple criminal damage to property, criminal mischief (tampering with the property of another), two counts of resisting an officer, and terrorizing.

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