Ouachita Parish sheriff's deputies arrested a Monroe man for theft of a motor vehicle on Sunday after a complainant reported finding his 2004 Nissan Xterra missing from the carport.

The complainant said it appeared Aaron Lorenzo Brown Jr., 30, of 100 Mays Drive, Monroe, had driven the vehicle over his fence in an effort to leave the property.

Brown had later called offering to pay for the damages to the vehicle and fence, the complainant said.

During questioning, Brown said he did not remember taking the vehicle but later woke up inside the vehicle while parked on Richwood Road No. 2. The vehicle was found some 500 yards away from Brown's home.

Brown was booked at Ouachita Correctional Center on the above charge as well ason on suspicion of simple criminal damage to property.

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JonMark Miletello was my very best friend and because of Jonathan Hogg i will never get to see him again. Jonathan hogg showed up the night before the murder waving a gun and saying he was going to kill all of us and the next night they went to approach him with no intent of robbing but only to see what his issue was. JonMark had no weapons, he took the knife from damian after being stabbed, and was shot with his back toward Hogg. Please tell me how this makes sense. I loved JonMark and he was murdered in cold blood.

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