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Ouachita Parish sheriff's deputies arrested a Monroe man on two counts of possession of a Schedule II drug last week after a complainant notified authorities her prescription medication was stolen.

The complainant said she gave her brother, Cody K. Johnson, 33, of 2431 Stubbs Ritchie Road, Monroe, a ride to her mother's home.

“While she went inside, Johnson went back out to the car to locate his cellular phone,” stated the May 22 arrest report. “When (the complainant) left, she noticed her purse was open and she was missing approximately 47 Dextroamphetamines (Adderall) tablets from her prescription bottle. (The complainant) confronted Johnson over the phone, he got very defensive and started yelling at her.”

Deputies made contact with Johnson at his mother's home, where he lives. During questioning, Johnson denied using any type of amphetamine or Adderall-type medication.

“Johnson stated he had only used heroin and maybe had some needles in his bedroom,” stated the arrest report. “Johnson was very loud, his pupils were dilated. Johnson continued to change his story about prior drug use.”

Later, Johnson admitted he may have touched his sister's purse while searching for his lighter or may have even touched her prescription bottle. He denied taking any of his sister's medication.

During a search of Johnson's room, deputies found bags containing methamphetamine, 11 small Orange tablets, several apparently used syringes, a digital scale, and a metal spoon with white residue.

Johnson claimed ownership of the meth but denied taking any Adderall tablets from his sister. He could not explain the presence of the tablets found in his room and did not have a prescription for them.

He was booked at Ouachita Correctional Center on two counts of Possession of a Schedule II drug and two counts of possession of drug paraphernalia.

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