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Ouachita Parish sheriff's deputies arrested a Monroe woman on suspicion of filing a false report last week after authorities received a complaint from the woman that her ex-boyfriend stole her belongings and battered her.

Ashley Rene Jarrell, 19, of 3351 Hwy 594, Monroe, told deputies that her ex-boyfriend forced his way into her apartment and stole her X-Box gaming console system. She said she tried to stop him but he pushed her to the ground and struck her in the face with a closed fist. She notified the Ouachita Parish Sheriff's Office immediately and her ex-boyfriend fled, she said.

During questioning, the ex-boyfriend (who was unidentified in the Dec. 15 arrest report) admitted he pushed Jarrell to the ground but claimed he did so in self-defense because she was battering him while he tried to leave.

Jarrell's apartment manager provided authorities with video surveillance footage that showed the incident.

“The video shows the ex-boyfriend did not force his way into the apartment and only pushed Ashley onto the ground in attempts to create distance from Ashley while she was battering him,” stated the arrest report. “(Deputies) observed the ex-boyfriend attempt to leave but was unable to due to Ashley continuously battering him by pulling and striking him with a closed/open first/hand.”

Deputies returned to Jarrell, who admitted she gave a false report to the Sheriff's Office. Her ex-boyfriend was listed as a resident on the lease agreement. She also admitted she battered him in anger because he was removing his property from their home.

She was booked at Ouachita Correctional Center.

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At this point, who doesn't know it's spelled "Xbox" and not "X-box"? The thing was released 19 years ago!

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