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Ouachita Parish sheriff's deputies arrested a Sterlington man on suspicion of aggravated kidnapping last week after authorities received a 911 call about a woman held at gunpoint.

Authorities were informed the suspect threatened to shoot the woman and would not let her leave the vehicle for five hours.

“While the victim was being forced to drive throughout the Sterlington area, the firearm was being discharged through the passenger door as the victim attempted to force it away from her body,” stated the Nov. 15 arrest report. “Deputies learned after the arrestee discharged the firearm (that) he threw the victim's phone out of the passenger window where he was sitting to keep her from calling 911.”

The suspect was identified as Steven Dewayne English, 39, of 114 3rd St., Sterlington.

“Deputies learned the victim discontinued any attempts to resist and was forced to park at an unknown location, where the arrestee strangled her with a phone cord,” stated the arrest report.

Deputies made contact with the suspect at a fuel station on Highway 594.

During questioning, English admitted he owned the gun but denied holding the victim against her will at gunpoint.

He denied battering the victim and claimed the scratch on his nose was simply an “old scratch.”

Deputies found video evidence that showed English had possession of a gun before he tried to hide it behind a bench. According to the arrest report, deputies believed the scratch was recently inflicted.

Deputies also observed marks on the victim's neck, appearing to be the result of strangling, as well as bullet holes to the vehicle's passenger door.

English was booked at Ouachita Correctional Center on the above charges as well as on one count of domestic abuse battery (strangulation), possession of a firearm, and interfering with emergency communications.

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