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Sterlington police arrested a Sterlington woman on domestic abuse charges last week after authorities were notified of a disturbance at the Dollar General store on La Hwy 2.

Eva E. Bond, 33, of 608 Francis Ave., Apt. 5, of Sterlington, said her boyfriend, Matthew Meredith, struck her in the head with a frying pan, according to the July 12 arrest report.

“Bond stated she did not know her boyfriend's name, phone number, or where they lived at,” stated the arrest report. “Bond advised she has dated her boyfriend off and on for two years and lived with him since April.”

Police believed Bond was under the influence, because she was unable to tell her account of the incident without changing details.

Bond's mother told police that her daughter mental problems and had not taken her medication.

“Linda stated this was not the first time her daughter had accused a boyfriend of battery and it not be true,” stated the arrest report.

When questioned, Meredith said Bond was drinking and taking medication for most of the day before she became violent and struck him in the face with her foot. He claimed she picked up a frying pan and tried to him with it. Meredith said he grabbed Bond and the frying pan and brought her to the ground in an attempt to restrain her. He said the frying pan struck Bond during their struggle, but he claimed it was not intentional. Meredith was not charged.

Bond was placed in an isolation cell at Ouachita Correctional Center because of her erratic behavior.

She was charged with domestic abuse aggravated assault and domestic abuse battery.

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