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A Monroe man suspected of dealing drugs turned himself in to his probation and parole officer last week, informing the state office that he no longer wanted to distribute drugs.

Evric L. Thomas, 40, of 309 Bell Ave., Monroe, made contact with his probation and parole officer in the parking lot at the state Probation and Parole office in Monroe. Thomas told the officer he was “tired of selling drugs and wanted to turn himself into authorities,” according to the June 18 arrest report.

When asked if he possessed any weapons, Thomas revealed a handgun tucked in his pants' waistband. The gun was secured and Thomas was placed in handcuffs.

Thomas brought a bag with him so that authorities would have the “rest of the stuff,” according to the arrest report.

Authorities found seven bags of marijuana, several bags containing powder cocaine weighing 179 grams with a possible street value of $17,000. Inside the bag, they found a pound of marijuana and numerous ecstasy pills.

Another firearm also was found in his bag.

Thomas was currently on probation for domestic violence and possession of a Schedule I drug with intent to distribute.

Thomas told Metro Narcotics Unit agents that he was tired of his lifestyle and wanted to make a change.

“I asked if he wanted to talk about who he purchased his drugs from but he refused to make a statement,” stated the arrest report.

He was booked at Ouachita Correctional Center on suspicion of possession of marijuana with intent, possession of cocaine with intent, possession of ecstasy with intent, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, and illegal carrying of a firearm.

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[sad]Give him a break,y'all do in other cases much worse


He is running from some1 he could have given the lifestyle up on the streets. Why turn yrself in to an unjust system thats going to crucify him. Dont make sense. Depends on how deep he was in they can reach for him. 🤷🏾‍♀️


If he’s turning this stuff in how are they charging him with intent to sell? From what I understand you can turn in drugs and guns without being prosecuted!


See he is a felony, this is why. I believe that he was running from someone. He could have given it to anyone. Or it was a deal he made out because it was or could have been something else n this carry a lil lesser sentence. Something like I make it look good on an messed up situation or deal. But (f) 12 they could have shown a lil love


Sounds like a man scared of his life. Maybe his "drug supplier" wanted him dead because he didn't pay a front or stole from his supplier and now he's going after this man. No drug dealer or addict would just be sick of dealing drugs especially if he had all that on him and a firearm being a felon. He's going away for life I'm sure. People open your eyes up!

Qee Mitchell

At least he was honest in his wrong doing


He’s had a enough good for him

Lil $o1o

The Man is innocent. He could actually be Positive to his or our Community. There are No Witnesses. Crime his is high, his Weapon is secured. There is no evidence that he is guilty, and being a Black Gentleman with what he is in possession of is a Flight Risk. Perhaps he didn't have any other given thought about what to present vocally or what was in the Authoritizers presence.


How can he get a PID and he brought everything to you? But rehabilitation don’t exist anymore he begging for help.


Why give him new charges when he bought the guns and drugs to them willingly along with turning himself in? That's just overkill


Just, WOW!

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