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A Ouachita Parish grand jury indicted a Monroe man last week on a second-degree murder charge and attempted second-degree murder stemming from an alleged drug deal that went sour in Treasure Island in May.

The grand jury returned the true bill against Jonathan Michael Hogg, 17, of 310 Fortune Dr., Monroe, for second-degree murder in the death of Jonmark Miletello and attempted second-degree murder of D’veil Freeman Jr.

Hogg’s bond was set at $1.8 million.

Meanwhile, the state Attorney General’s office is handling the case against Hogg, because Fourth Judicial District Attorney Steve Tew recused from the case after inquiries from The Ouachita Citizen last month. Tew did not recuse his office earlier this year before dismissing other charges against Hogg and his mother, Vicki Houston, 57, of 310 Fortune Dr., Monroe.

Houston worked at the Fourth Judicial District Attorney’s office for some 25 years. She worked as a secretary for Tew as well as for former District Attorney Jerry Jones.

Last week, the grand jury also indicted two other individuals for acting as accessories after the fact by concealing Hogg or trying to help him evade criminal charges. They are Damian V. Haddox-Barragan, 18, of 91 Dianna Dr., Monroe, and Zachary Stuart Filhiol, 20, of Monroe.

The charges against Hogg stemmed from a fight that occurred at his home in the Treasure Island neighborhood when Miletello went with others to Hogg’s house to negotiate a resolution. Miletello owed Hogg money for drugs, according to Ouachita Parish sheriff’s deputies’ reports.

Hogg also was indicted for possession of marijuana with intent to distribute and possession of cocaine with intent to distribute.

Hogg’s attorneys are Ronald “Ronnie” Cook of West Monroe and Duncan Jones of Bastrop. Duncan Jones is the son of Jerry Jones, the former district attorney.

Hogg and his mother, Houston, each escaped charges for domestic abuse battery in March after Tew’s office dismissed the criminal charges against them shortly after they were booked at the parish prison, according to prison records.

The Ouachita Citizen interviewed Tew about the domestic abuse battery charges against Hogg and Houston on June 3.

During the interview, Tew and Assistant District Attorney Jennifer Johnson confirmed the charges against Hogg and Houston were dismissed.

When asked about the reasons for dismissing the domestic abuse battery charges against Hogg and Houston, Tew said, “The fact that it was a mother and son.”

At that point, Johnson — who was present for the interview — intervened to defend the decision to dismiss charges.

“It was a dual arrest,” Johnson said. “Sometimes we prosecute them, sometimes we don’t.”

Johnson explained that dual-party arrests stemming from a domestic dispute were difficult to prosecute because of the “he-said, she-said” conflicts in testimony.

“They’re very difficult,” Johnson said.

The arrest reports for Hogg and Houston reflect few conflicts in their accounts. Sheriff’s deputies were dispatched to Hogg and Houston’s home on March 12. Hogg and Houston told deputies they were arguing with each other.

Houston claimed Hogg shoved her to the ground and hit her with the front door as he was leaving. She had a scratch on her forehead and nose. Hogg admitted to pushing Houston but claimed he did not know he hit her with the door. Hogg also claimed Houston struck him with an open hand across the face and struck him with a chair. Houston admitted to hitting him with her hand and with a chair.

When asked whether the dismissal stemmed from Houston’s prior work for the district attorney’s office, Tew shook his head and said, “No.”

More than a week after The Ouachita Citizen’s interview, Tew filed a motion to recuse his office from prosecuting the murder case against Hogg.

“The mother of the defendant herein was a longtime employee of the Fourth Judicial District Attorney’s Office as well as the secretary to the former and current District Attorney,” stated Tew’s June 11 recusal motion. “Due to this conflict, the District Attorney recuses himself and his office in the above captioned case and moves that the case be sent to the Office of the Attorney General for the State of Louisiana.”

The Attorney General’s office took over the case. Subpoenas filed in Hogg’s case indicated Assistant Attorney General Madeleine Slaughter presented the murder case against Hogg to the grand jury. Slaughter previously worked as an assistant district attorney for Jerry Jones.

Victims fired upon

while fleeing

According to the May 28 warrant filed by sheriff’s investigator Jacob Greer, the Sheriff’s Office received a call on May 24 about a shooting at Hogg and Houston’s home.

Four witnesses, including Hogg, told deputies and Louisiana State Police Troopers they had the gun used in the shooting and that Hogg had shot Miletello.

According to the warrant, Miletello sent a text message to Hogg about coming to his Fortune Drive home with a few friends. After they arrived, a fight began. One of the witnesses drew a gun, which Hogg secured and allegedly used in firing at the two victims.

“The suspect then shot numerous rounds in the direction of the two victims, striking both multiple times, resulting in the death of one victim,” stated the warrant.

“The other victim needed emergency surgery and is listed in critical condition. Evidence shows both victims were shot while fleeing the residence.”

Hogg told deputies he shot Miletello because he believed Miletello might hit his friend with a fist.

Sheriff’s deputies learned from the victim and their friends that Miletello owed Hogg money for drugs so they met at Fortune Drive to “work it out.”

“All admitted they were unarmed, and a fight broke out,” stated the warrant. “They described the witnesses produced a firearm, which resulted in them running towards the outside of the residence. They stated as they along with both victims, were running from the residence when they heard the shots. They were able to return to the carport where the surviving victim was and pull him to safety. They were then able to take him to a local hospital for treatment.”

Other suspect

found at Hogg’s home

When deputies apprehended Haddox-Barragan — one of the suspects indicted last week for trying to conceal Hogg — they found him at Hogg and Houston’s home.

He tried to flee through the back door of the house. Deputies ordered him to stop but he did not comply. A K-9 unit was deployed to apprehend the suspect, and he was taken into custody.

During a pat down, deputies found 8.7 grams of marijuana in Haddox-Barragan’s pocket. He was charged with possession of marijuana.

Filhiol — the second suspect indicted last week for trying to conceal Hogg — also was charged with aggravated assault with a firearm for attempting to commit a battery with a handgun or discharging the gun at Aaron McSwain and Ashton McSwain.

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