Monroe police arrested three Monroe suspects for attempted second-degree murder last week after authorities received a complaint from several victims about an incident on Luther Drive.

The victims claimed they tried to confront Derrick D. Brown Jr., 19, of Monroe, and that Brown told his brother to “blow that b***h head off.”

Derrick Brown, Malech Rucks, Demarion Brown, and Shanterrious Anderson each produced guns and fired several shots at the victims.

According to the victims, Anderson provided Derrick Brown with a handgun, and Rucks had an assault rifle.

“The victims saw Derrick, Malech and Demarion shoot the guns in their direction,” stated the June 23 arrest report.

The victims retreated and returned fire, according to the arrest report. Police said the victims returned fire in self defense.

About 24 shell casings were found at the scene. No one was hurt.

Derrick Brown, Demarion Brown and Anderson claimed they were present at the time of the shooting but fled when shots were fired. Rucks said he was never at the scene and knew nothing about the incident.

Derrick Brown and Rucks was charged with two counts of attempted second-degree murder.

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how did kids get a fully automatic rifle? It usually takes tens of thousands of dollars and many many months of waiting for ATF approval for the transfer of automatic weapons.


The article doesn't mention a fully automatic rifle.

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