Monroe police arrested three individuals on suspicion of drug-dealing charges earlier this month after authorities received a complaint about the sale of crack cocaine from a house on Morton Street.

The police department's street crimes unit received a tip that Johnny Carol “Big Toot” Varner, 57, of 203 Morton St., Monroe, was selling crack cocaine from another house on Morton Street.

When police arrived, they heard Larry Wayne Hudson, 51, of 21 Farmer Circle, Monroe, yell, “Monroe city,” and lock the screen door to the house.

After a brief standoff, officers entered the home and made contact with Varner and Anthony Dewayne Bracy, 49, of 122 Shady Lane, Monroe.

Each occupant was detained. None claimed ownership of the firearms.

During a search, officers found several individually wrapped bags of marijuana, and orange pill bottle containing crack cocaine rocks, several crack cocaine rocks on the living room floor, a crack cocaine rock inside a plastic bag, two digital scales, two loaded .38 handguns, a large amount of cash and cups with crack cocaine residue.

During questioning, Bracy told police he smoked a “primo' cigarette (crack and marijuana) before officers arrived. Bracy could not explain where he obtained the large amount of cash on his person. Officers also reported observing Bracy drop a bag of crack cocaine to the ground.

Officers determined Huson was serving as Varner's “lookout.”

During questioning, Varner said he used crack cocaine and marijuana.

Bracy and Hudson and Varner were booked at Ouachita Correctional Center on suspicion of possession of crack cocaine with intent, possession of marijuana with intent, possession of a gun by a convicted felon, and illegal carrying of gun in presence of drugs.

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