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Ouachita Parish sheriff’s deputies arrested a West Monroe man last week on two charges of domestic abuse battery after authorities received a call from the suspect’s mother saying his behavior made her fear for her safety.

Deputies were dispatched to 404 Kendallwood Road, West Monroe, where Charles Creager, 39, lives with his mother and girlfriend.

Creager’s girlfriend told deputies he strangled her and battered her face while she was trying to leave the house. She also claimed Creager’s mother tried to stop him but he pushed her away.

Creager’s girlfriend told deputies he had been drinking and causing a disturbance since 8 a.m. She said she has been in a relationship with Creager for about one year, and she is eight months pregnant with their child, according to the July 21 arrest report.

Creager’s mother said her son woke her up at 8 a.m. because he was trying to find her car keys. She told officers that Creager started strangling his girlfriend with both hands and slapped his girlfriend repeatedly when she tried to leave the house.

During questioning, Creager said he had consumed a heavy amount of vodka because his girlfriend was “stressing him out.” Creager said he did not batter anyone and that his mother slapped him a few times.

Deputies reported finding Creager to be “very intoxicated” when they spoke to him and he refused to tell them the whole story. He said several times that nothing physical happened between himself and the victims.

After Creager was placed in handcuffs, he spat on one deputy’s face while “yelling profane language,” stated the arrest report.

Creager was booked at Ouachita Correctional Center on the above charges as well as battery of a police officer.

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