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Ouachita Parish sheriff's deputies arrested a West Monroe man on suspicion of stalking last week after the suspect's ex-girlfriend told authorities she found a tracking device on her vehicle.

Deputies removed the tracking device, which was hidden under the vehicle, near the spare tire.

The complainant claimed Karl D. Williamson, 54, of 300 Warren Drive, West Monroe, had caused her emotional distress through repeated harassment.

“Over a period of one week, the arrestee has sent her numerous emails, came to her work and left a seven-page letter on her desk, left notes on her vehicle and confronted her on two occasions while in the parking garage of her work,” stated the April 1 arrest report. “The contents of both the emails and the letter had been both affectionate and derogatory.”

The tracking device removed on April 1 was the second one found by deputies on the victim's vehicle. Deputies had removed another device on March 24.

Deputies warned Williamson he could have no further contact with the victim.

During questioning, Williamson admitted he placed the tracking device on the victim's vehicle without her permission or knowledge.

“Arrestee stated all of his actions were necessary to determine the integrity of their relationship,” stated the arrest report. “Arrestee believed he and the victim were potentially going to get married despite the termination of the relationship by the victim.”

Williamson was booked at Ouachita Correctional Center on the above charge as well as on one count of violating prohibitions against use of tracking devices.

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