Ouachita Parish Metro Narcotics unit agents arrested a West Monroe woman on several drug charges including distribution of heroin earlier this month after authorities observed a suspected drug deal outside the suspect's home.

Agents observed Sarah Archibald, 29, of 217 Washington St., West Monroe, at the window of an automobile driven by Kenneth King, who had driven to her home. Ouachita Parish sheriff's deputies stopped King's vehicle and found him in possession of black tar heroin in a Buzz Lightyear bag. King told deputies he had bought heroin from Archibald in the past and guessed there might some there at the time.

A search warrant was executed at Archibald's home. She admitted to having heroin in her bedroom closet. There were several Buzz Lightyear bags containing black tar heroin, according to the Feb. 4 arrest report.

Agents also found Clonazepam, buprenorphine, Alprazolam, and Ecstasy.

Archibald did not claim ownership of the Ecstasy. Archibald's mother, Tammie E. Archibald, 55, of the same address, became “uncontrollable” during the search.

“She screamed at agents demanding we leave her home,” stated the Feb. 4 arrest report. “When we attempted to explain to her the crimes we were (investigating), it's as if she was out of her mind crazy. She screamed and screamed and would not reason. She stood up and put her hands up onto Agent Sadler's chest and attempted to block him from entering the home.”

Agents placed her under arrest.

“Tammie screamed over and over calling every officer on the scene a**holes over and over,” stated the arrest report. “Every time I tried to explain what was taking place she just screamed at me, calling me an a**hole. It got to a point where I could not reason with her.”

The Ecstasy was found in a chair next to Tammie Archibald. She was charged with resisting and possession of Ecstasy.

Sarah Archibald was booked on distribution of heroin, possession of heroin with intent, possession of Ecstasy, possession of Ecstasy, possession of Buprenorphine, possession of Alprazolam.

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