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Ouachita Parish sheriff's deputies arrested a West Monroe woman on second-degree murder last month after authorities learned of a nine-month-old child that was not breathing.

Deputies found the female child on the kitchen floor while a witness tried to perform CPR.

The child's mother, Heather Lucille Hall, 28, of 1134 Evergreen St., West Monroe, and her boyfriend were taken to the Sheriff's Office for questioning.

According to the boyfriend, Hall's uncle told him to wake Hall so she could go to the store.

“(The boyfriend) stated he walked to Heather's room and found her asleep in the bed with all three of her small children,” stated the March 13 arrest warrant. “(The boyfriend) advised he noticed Heather sleeping on her back with her legs on top of the nine-month-old, who was lying face down on the bed.”

The boyfriend said he realized the baby was not breathing. Hall took the child and ran into the kitchen and dropped the baby on the floor, at which time another witness began administering CPR, according to the warrant.

During questioning, Hall admitted she used methamphetamine a few days before the incident and Ecstasy the night before the incident.

“Heather advised she took the Ecstasy prior to going to sleep in the same bed as her nine-month-old alone with her other two small children,” stated the warrant.

Hall said she did not know whether her legs were on top of the child.

A field urine analysis showed Hall tested positive for marijuana, meth, Ecstasy, and amphetamines.

Hall was booked at Ouachita Correctional Center.

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