West Monroe police arrested three suspects last week for their involvement in a car from which guns were fired at people standing nearby.

Police received a “shots fired” call for service on Ludwig Avenue in West Monroe. Witnesses told police that several people riding in a vehicle had discharged firearms out of the vehicle toward six to seven other people standing on the sidewalk.

The witnesses identified the front seat passenger as Laderrick “Joe” D. McGuire, 29, of 411 Filhiol Ave., West Monroe. The rear right passenger was identified as Bryant “Toon” Davon Johnson, 21, of 409 Gulpha Drive, West Monroe. The driver was a juvenile suspect.

“It was learned through investigation McGuire and Johnson were feuding with a rival rap music affiliate, and multiple threats were made in person and on social media,” stated the Oct. 9 arrest report.

One person was struck by a round fired from the vehicle and was transported to a local hospital for treatment. Several firearm rounds struck and entered a nearby house.

“The above-mentioned vehicle drove by the location of S.3rd Street four times with Lyons as the driver,” stated the arrest report. “McGuire was seen by witnesses several times brandishing a firearm while passing the S. 3rd Street address listed above while making threats. On the fourth time, McGuire and Johnson began shooting at the people standing in the immediate area.”

Johnson and McGuire were booked at Ouachita Correctional Center on attempted second-degree murder and criminal conspiracy.

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