West Monroe police arrested a Monroe man on suspicion of aggravated assault with a firearm last week after authorities received a complaint of a shooting on Parkwest Drive.

Police also arrested a West Monroe woman, accused of asking the suspect to bring the gun used to shoot at the victim.

The victim said the suspect fired two shots at his vehicle while he was driving. The rounds struck the victim's vehicle, police reported.

A witness identified the suspect as “Shon Parker,” but later Deshon D. Parker, 22, of 4108 Simon St., Monroe, turned himself in.

During questioning, Parker said he went to the residence on Parkwest Drive to protect his friend and admitted to firing two rounds at the vehicle.

Parker claimed he fired two “warning shots.”

The friend, Jillian Jnique Ross, 22, of 106 Parkwest Drive, West Monroe, said she was arguing with her boyfriend (the victim) because she viewed his cell phone and discovered he was texting other women.

“During the argument Ross struck (the victim) in the face with her fist,” stated the Nov. 10 arrest report. “She also went to his vehicle, cut wires in the trunk and tried to let the air out of his tires. (The victim) heard Ross make a phone call during their argument, and he heard her tell someone to come over and 'bring the strap.'”

Police noted “strap” is common slang for a firearm.

The victim said he saw Ross with a gun and asked her whether she would shoot him.

The victim claimed Parker fired shots at his vehicle.

During questioning, Ross admitted she cut wires in the victim's vehicle and admitted she possessed a handgun.

She said she did not know Parker was going to shoot at the victim.

He was booked at Ouachita Correctional Center.

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