AT&T recently commended the Monroe City Council for approving a local ordinance to accelerate the deployment of small cell technology, helping pave the way for the next generation of high-speed wireless services to Monroe residents and businesses.

Small cell technology is an integral building block for 5G, and is critical to ensuring consumers and businesses continue to enjoy the modern, high-speed connectivity they demand.

This investment is in addition to the recent launch of 5G Evolution technologies in parts of the Monroe area.

“People have an increasing demand for more wireless connectivity and that’s going to be the case for the foreseeable future,” Mayor Jamie Mayo said. “That’s why it’s important we be proactive in making sure residents and businesses have the best policies to ensure wireless access and services. With small cell technology becoming available in Monroe, we’re taking big steps to the future to meet the needs of people in our city.” 

Small cells are shoebox-sized antennas that can be affixed to existing structures such as traffic signals, buildings and street lights. The size and flexibility of small cells helps AT&T target areas with additional capacity in a way that is low profile and unobtrusive.

“Having more availability and access to wireless services is a major key for the daily operations of any business,” Monroe Chamber of Commerce President & CEO Sue Nicholson said. “This ordinance is good news for the growth of existing businesses and for the recruitment of new jobs and investment to Monroe. This forward-looking initiative will help businesses here meet the needs they have today, and in the future.”

This technology will enable faster wireless Internet speeds, provide more and targeted network capacity for things like streaming movies or music, and lay the foundation for technologies of the future — such as 5G, smart cities and connected cars and devices.

“Mayor Mayo and the Council members in Monroe are to be applauded for taking action to encourage companies to bring more investment in wireless infrastructure, and their efforts demonstrate a continued commitment to providing an environment locally where businesses have the resources they need to succeed,” said Robert F. Vinet, Regional Director of AT&T Louisiana. “The leadership shown by city officials who supported this ordinance allows AT&T Louisiana’s workforce of 4,100 men and women to provide more connectivity that Louisianans demand.”

AT&T invested more than $1 billion in Louisiana wireless and wired networks from 2014-2016; those investments have helped AT&T deploy more than 1.7 million strand miles of fiber optics across the state.

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