2019 ULM State of the University

ULM President Nick J. Bruno address the ULM campus with his "State of the University" address. Photo by: Emerald McIntyre/ULM Photo Services

University of Louisiana Monroe President Dr. Nick J. Bruno welcomed a full house of faculty, staff and community members to his annual State of the University address Wednesday, Aug. 14, 2019 at Brown Auditorium.

It is a ULM tradition for the president to highlight achievements and accomplishments of the past year during University Week, just a few days before the new academic year begins. Fall 2019 classes begin on Monday, Aug. 19.

Bruno began by recognizing the local and state officials in attendance and acknowledging members of the Legislature.

“These legislators have been amazing to this university. They have stuck by us through thick and thin,” Bruno said. “I think that people are beginning to realize the importance of this university and higher ed as a whole and how we can build our state through building a better workforce, a more educated workforce, a more educated populace.”

Addressing the faculty and staff, Bruno said, “We had an impressive year, part by your hard work, your commitment. You have remained committed to our students and by staying committed to our students you’ve been committed to this university.”

Providing examples of accomplishments from each of the four colleges, Bruno commented on two unique items: Doppler radar and Talons for Taps.

“Doppler radar did more than most people know. The recent tornado in Ruston was identified by our Doppler radar first, and was sent to the National Weather Service. That’s one of those things no one knows. They actually picked up our data and sent it to the National Radar Service, which was able to warn Ruston 30 minutes to an hour sooner. Or the devastation would have been much greater. Possibly with more loss of life,” he said.

About VAPA’s Talons for Taps, Bruno said, “This is something that is really significant to me. The program provides student volunteer trumpeters to perform ‘Taps’ at funerals and memorials for U.S veterans. That particular program went national as far as recognitions. What a patriotic effort on their part.”

Bruno addressed accomplishments by faculty, student athletes, program rankings, accreditation, building projects, VCOM, club sports, campus safety, special events, grants, enrollment, retention and graduation rates and comparisons with other state institutions.

“Any way you cut it, the university is doing quite well,” he said.

His final points were on funding and the recent financial support from the Legislature.

“I’d be remiss if I didn’t thank these legislators. Our legislative delegation stuck together for this university. Our chambers reached out, our cities reached out,” he said. “This was the most rewarding feeling to see the support this university garnered for funding. And we didn’t let them down. The numbers we’re showing, we’re doing a heck of a job for the taxpayers of Louisiana with the money we are receiving. I really think that better days for ULM are ahead, the budget situation looks better … we have to continue to do what is in our control. ...

“Everybody is a recruiter. Each and every one of us know friends and family and alums that have high school-aged students. We have to tell them this information. We have to tell them how good this university is,” he said. “Invite them to come and take a tour here. We get them to this campus, we keep them. Those are things that you can do as faculty and staff to contribute to the success of this university, in addition to your fabulous teaching, research and scholarship.”

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